• Intertwined
    Tin Plated Steel Project 
    Metals I
    Fall Semester 2014
  • Tin plate explorations aiming at the understanding of material, machinery and cold connections. 
  • Initial sketch model, the form of which informed my final design.
  • sketch model
    I chose to add more panels and connect them with hinges and rods going through, making them no longer static. One can now move each panel, interlock it with the others and play around with different configurations of the same structure. 
  • The changes made from the sketch model to the final object were an increase in the size of the panels, treatment of the edges (hemmed) and facilitation of movement with the addition of spacers (brass jump rings). 
  • Tin plated steel, copper coated welding rod, brass jump rings
  • top view
  • top view
  • top view
  • top view
  • top view
  • Thank you for viewing!