Aluminum Project 
    Metals I
    Fall 2014
  • Early aluminum studies aiming at the understanding of the material.
  • CUBE 1.0
  • Sketch model for first aluminum cube design.
    Things to consider: too much hardware.
  • I decided to replace the acorn nuts from the model with brass spheres. In order to attach brass rods to the spheres I had to figure out a way to drill holes in them in order to press-fit them together.
    To do this, I made a jig that enabled me to clamp each sphere by placing it between two steel blocks, screwing them together and then drilling. 
  • My first finished object was a cube, the faces of which were movable, since they were attached to the opposite faces with rods and held together by the brass spheres.
    The challenge: assembling the cube.
    The frustration is inevitable and fully intentional. 
  • 16 gauge aluminum, brass welding rods, brass spheres 
  • detail
  • detail
  • CUBE 2.0
  • Sketch model for second aluminum cube.
  • My second final object uses the same sphere-rod innvovation to approach the concept of a cube rather differently. It, too, has the ability to move and reconfigure itself and continues to challenge one to construct a cube, only this time in a more smooth and satisfying way. 
  • front view 
  • side view
  • 16 gauge aluminum, brass welding rods, brass spheres, brass tubing 
  • Thank you for viewing!