Carving Vessel

  • Carving Project 
    Fall 2014
    Wood I
  • Hand carved pine vessel utilizing the natural grain of the wood and employing a deep sense of texture. An organic feel was achieved through the gradual transition between smooth and rougher textures, executed with long upward strokes. These textures was created with the use of hand gouges of varying blade sweeps, bevels, and widths.
  • pine, salad bowl finish 
  • Detail 
  • Interior view 
  • After hand-planing and squaring all sides of a block of pine, I proceeded to dividing it into quarters. 
  • Using a series of hand gouges, I carved out each quarter of the interior. From there, I glued the quarters together and started shaping the exterior of the vessel, that would then be finished with salad bowl oil.
  • one half of the interior, after two quarters were glued together