2014 FALL(Freshman) Design

  • Design
    2014 Fall
  • PROJECT ONE Color Wheel
    Color wheel is an important and widely used instrument for artists and designers. This assign- ment is a one week project and let us create our own color wheel. We need to paint four stripes of color, which indicate hue, saturation, transparency and brightness. 
  • PROJECT TWO Design Currency
    This assignment requires us to redesign American currency that can be used for more than pay-
    ment. This is a two weeks project. 
    In the first week, we need to design one dollar and one quarter in both sides. I tried to find the inspiration from my own experiences. After drawing diagrams in the sketchbook, I finally decided to make fruit money because I really like eating fruits and travelling. I combine the two habits to- gether, designing the fruit money that can be planted and grow as real fruits. Every set of currency represents a state of the United of States. For shapes, the bill will be the intersection image of the fruit, and the coin will be the shape of the fruit seed. 
    In the second week, we need to develop the first week’s work into a set of currency (two more bills and two more coins) and develop it into prototype if possible. For my bill, I use race paper and put real fruit seeds into it. For my coin, I use paper mixed with glue and real fruit seed. 
  • PROJECT THREE Design Poster
    This project is to design two posters for a movie we choose. It is a two weeks assignment. 
    In the first week, we need to decide the film we want to focus on and figure out how to convey the essence of it. Because I am not a movie person, I choose Mulan which can represent my person- ality and country. I did differnt scenes that include in my posters. 
    In the second week, We need to integrating text into the poster design. However, I changed my first week’s plan into a more Chinese style instead of a Disney style. I use Chinese ink and calligra- phy to mimic the scenes. Also, I use erasers to make Chinese stamps that symbolize lots of mean- ings. 
  • PROJECT FOUR Self-Portrait
    The project requires us to create a self-portrait with text in it. I came up with a number of ideas and finally chose the scene of sleeping. Is is inspired by my RISD experience. I bought white sheets and pillow case, writing my dreams that I still can remeber since I was born on them. My friend Scott Guo help me take the picture (I am sleeping on the bed with dreams around me) in the studio. We used the table as bed and I brought my own pillow and quilt. It was printed as a life-size pic- ture. We used lightroom editing the picture.