Architectural Analysis

  • Hand drafted Section Oblique, 48" x 36"
  • Detailed examination of curving entrance, and amphitheatre void.
  • Detailed digital reconstruction of CRGS, used to explore the hyperbolic paraboloid entrance, and voids. 
  • Exploded axonometric drawing
  • Analysis of void and solid through textile manipulation. I wove different densities into the fabric by weaving in steel wire, abandoning the warp(red), and loosely woven wool(blue). The textile followed the plan of CRGS, isolating a pattern of void, solid and semi-void in the building. 
  • My intervention was to re-imagine CRGS as single journey. A thread that has been unravelled and layed out to be seen. A series of staircases, voids and amphitheatres mediate between different levels. 
  • "Unravelled thread"