• Mukani
    Senior year Degree Project
  • Mukani is an Arabic word which means my place.
         The shapes I use in my designs areinfluenced by Islamic architecture. Their basic forms are used as a backdrop tothe extremely ornamental details that cover the buildings.  I use this method in my jewelry to firstbring the viewer in then through the details show another side of the work,letting them discover its story.
         This body of work has developedonce I left my country of Kuwait. Back home the vanished history did not interest me.  Once I came to the United States I wasoverwhelmed with nostalgia for a world that I was never a part of.  The old architecture and way of lifedisappeared after the discovery of oil. Kuwait rushed forward to join the modern world, and in the processeserased its past.  I wanted to finda way to connect my self to Kuwait’s history, but at the same time give my selfthe freedom to express my ideas. I looked towards what had past for inspirationto create something new, something that is beginning again.  Mukani.
  •   Dareeshat Ruhi: Necklace- Porcelain, Quartz, Camel Hair,Hand dyed Cotton String. 15”x 2 ½”x ½”
  •  Bait Yadi: Bracelet-  Porcelain, Camel Hair, Hand dyed CottonString.  4”x 3”x 1”
  •  Dareeshat Dari: Bracelet-  Silver, Porcelain, Camel Hair, Handdyed Cotton String. 4”x 3”x ½”
  •  Mukani bracelet: Bracelet- Porcelain, Camel Hair, Handdyed Cotton String. 3”x 3”x ½”
  • Burj: Two finger ring- Porcelain, Quartz, Wood. 2”x 1 ¾”x 1 ¼”
  •  Asma: Earrings- Emeralds, Sapphires, Silver,Porcelain.  2 ½”x 1 ¾”x ½”
  • A’aeed: Necklace-  Porcelain, Camel Hair, Hand dyed CottonString. 8”x 7”x ¾”
  •  Mukani: Necklace- Sapphires, Silver, Porcelain, CamelHair, Hand dyed Cotton String. 19”x10”x3½”
  •  Mukani Back
  • Khatem Sir: Two finger ring- Silver, Oud, Mother of Pearl,Quartz, Wood. 3 ¾”x 1 ¾”x 1 ½”