15 Westminster Street

  • The Stairwell of 15 Westminster Street
  • This assignment required each student to find a location
    of interest and to observe its qualities, create an installation
    within the space based on these observations, and to
    create a printed piece documenting the process, its form
    having been inspired by the concept of the installation.
  • Location
  • My location for the installation was the emergency stairwell
    of my dorm. Despite it being within a lively building always
    full of student activity, its stairwell holds a completely different
    atmosphere and experience. Very few people use the emergency
    stairwell, isolating the space from the rest of the building. The
    eerie atmosphere of the space is mostly contributed by the dim
    lighting created by a single naked bulb and the echoes that
    bounce off the surfaces. As you walk down the stairs and hear
    your own footsteps' echoes, you feel a sense of disorientation.
  • Installation
  • Despite the many horror stories and rumors about the building's
    past, its true identitiy is of a modest history.
    In order to explore this duality between the rumors and reality,
    I recorded normal everyday conversations and distorted them
    until they became unsettling, unrecognizable sounds. The plastic
    sheets that distort the space add to the disorienting effect of the
    odd lighting and echoing within the staircase.
  • Documentation Book
  • Mock-ups and Process
  • Principal typeface: Futura