Olga Najdanovic Travelogue

  • Olga Najdanović Travelogue
    Book Design. Designed in 2015.

    Igor’s grandmother, Olga Najdanović, turned 90 years old. Years before, she started writing her memoires in a series of books. Her last book It’s All Life is a travelogue—a book of short stories documenting her travels around Balkans, Europe and Russia. A humble woman, she never wanted to bother us with the design of her previous titles which ended up looking very generic and plain. So, for her birthday present we decided to design and produce her latest book with all the love and care it deserves. 

    Adding a small handle on the spine of the book made it look like a suitcase. Turning the titles vertically, in line with the handle, makes the reader turn the book and see the handle properly, further emphasizing the travel suitcase concept. Olga’s stories are fun and very optimistic—so we made the cover colors vivid and varied. Inside, the book is laid out simply and classically, illustrated by Igor’s dad Ivo Manasteriotti, and printed on wonderful, tactile, nostalgic Munken Print Cream paper.

    The book was beautifully put together by Cerovski Print Boutique. 

    Agency: Manasteriotti DS
    Art Direction/Design: Igor Manasteriotti
    Illustration: Ivo Manasteriotti
    Printing: Cerovski Print Boutique