Feed Bag

  • This is a work comprised of materials that represent both the homogeonous and the individual.  The white body is casted from a collection of bodily waste produced after a flounder is fileted proceeding a trawl.  The body represents an amalgamous product produced from the concentration of discarded individuals.  I'm interested in the relationship of the head to the body.  We as humans value our heads as the center to our own life and consciousness, while makes up the waste product of our consumption.  The inversion of our physical valuesthen allows us to pursue philosophical ideas of prosperity and unity. It reflects our inability to build philosophical doctrines that encompass a capability to act on a multitude of temporal scales.
  • The Hanging Bracket is designed to respond in weight changes in the vessel below.  As water slowly leaks out, the drain plug slowly moves closer to the drain until water can no longer escape to the vessel below.