Architectonics // Luminous Washi Lantern Installation

  • Architectonics // Luminous Washi Lantern Installation
    Instructor: Aki Ishida
    Year: 2011 
    Architectonics was a RISD Wintersession class that took place in 2011. The course consisted of studying the nuances, capabilities, and effects of light. Using traditional Japanese paper, light was projected and formed. Through a series of folding and experimentation, washi lanterns were created and developed. Light is seen substance, material, and void.
  • Under the instruction of architect/professor Aki Ishida, the class started from basic drafting to an installation in New York in Japan Society for raising money and donations for the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund. The final installation grew to life, as it became an interactive piece where visitors would place relief notes upon the bamboo structure in rememberance and hope. The work shown below are my studies, a newly designed logo, and my proposal for the installation.