Elevator Museum Branding

  • Top Elevator Stories

    Elevators have played an essential roles in dozens of movies over the years.  
    This museum features top elevator "stories" in movies. There is a video played in the museum at all times, along with temporary exhibits about specific movie elevators. 
  • Awkward App
    Everyone has had that time in an elevator that was just completely awkward. Maybe you bumped into an ex-lover, or maybe it was that girl from class whose name you can't ever remember. 
    The AWK App is an extension of the Elevator Museum that documents all #awkward tags on social media in one place. There is also a direct relationship to the museum where participants can tag #AwkSelfieEM in the museum’s elevators to see people who have also been in there.
  • Process Work

    The first step in this process was researching elevators. What are they literally? What are they abstractly? What emotions can be associated with them? Some of the things I started thinking about was elevators as illusions, and the way they reveal the unknown. Here is an example of some of the word associations I came up with, along with imagery inspiration.
  • After thinking about elevators for quite some time, I started sketching in my notebook and came up with dozens of logos expressing different ideas. 
  • When looking at all the logos together, I realized which concepts were the strongest and explored them further digitally. 
  • I finally chose the identity and started creating the brand itself. Some assets felt appropriate to the branding, while others felt like they did not belong.