Cast Iron : Form Studies | Fall 2014

  • This first project focused on understanding the principles of draft, pull, and parting lines for basic mold making and model registration in the sand casting process. The idea was to model two positives using REN shape. One was an experimental piece, whereas the other was to be more intentional following a planned design. Both could be manipulated and worked on after being casted in iron, for further exploration of the material.  
    This is the result of my form studies.
  • Milling pattern pieces out of REN Shape
  • Setting up pattern boards
  • Milling pieces after the casting process
  • There were several processes applied after receiving the casted pieces. Both were milled, sanded, and a couple of layers of blackener were applied. Highlights were brought out using a drimell on the experimental piece.
  • Planned piece
  • Experimental piece
  • Thank you for viewing