Ecstatic Alphabets / Heaps of Language

  • E C S T A T I C   A L P A B E T S  /  H E A P S  O F   L A N G U A G E
  • Ecstatic Alphebets/Heaps of Language was a group exhibition held at the MoMA in 2012. The show was comprised of audible, visual, and visceral pieces that explore the relationship between art and language. This book is a compilation of found photos, research, artist interviews and video links. There are multiple meticulous indexes throughout the book that organize the work by type, artist, year, and even URL. When typesetting and laying out the book I became obsessed with the idea of organized chaos, and realized that this was why I was so drawn to the exhibition in the first place.
  • Typeface Used: LL Circular by Laurenz Brunner
  • P R O C E S S 
  • Book is hand sewn and bound. Cover & Edging: Hand Stenciled