Soo Joo X Edward Hopper

  • Soo Joo X Edward Hopper
    Soo Joo

    June. 2014 - January. 2018
    Pastels on Purple Colored Paper

  • $445.00

    18 x 24 "

    Original Pastel Drawing 

    This work was inspired by the setting sunset over college hill in Providence, Rhode Island. One early spring evening in 2014, the setting sun had begun to wash over a red brick Brown University building. The view inspired the start of this work.

    The unique colors of the beautiful shadows and shades that arose from the sunset stimulate the viewers curiosity and intellectual mind simultaneously. The unique color combinations of orange-reds in the highlights and purple-blues in the shadows stem from my training in the fine arts, and knowledge of vibrating colors. The work itself is also inspired by American realist urban painter, Edward Hopper. These colors give the work a surrealist feeling and impression, which juxtaposes with the familiar subject of a building.

    This pastel work is also notable for its evidence of the human hand, and its meticulous portrayal of detail.


  • Newly made edits, work in progress during Fall 2017: