Lineable - Wearable Tracking Beacon for Children

  • Lineable is a wearable tracking beacon to prevent children from missing, and it's only $5.
  • Vision and Summary
    Lineable’s vision is to protect children from getting lost and reduce such incidents globally. Every day, about 2,000 children are lost in the United States. The idea of Lineable is simple: affordable, sustainable and convenient wearable tracking beacon for children.
  • We were able to produce Lineable prototype which weighs about 0.5 oz, lasts a year of use without charging or replacing battery, and of course, water and dust resistant.
  • The best part of Lineable is that as the number of Lineable app users increase, the range of coverage expands as well. Since Lineable uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this feature enables to reduce and eliminate the 100 feet range limit which most Bluetooth trackers face. With Lineable app, everyone can be a part of the member who protects children.
  • We decided to donate Lineables to International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children once the Indiegogo campaign ends successfully.
  • What is Lineable?
    Lineable is a wearable tracking beacon specifically designed for children. It comes with 3 different sizes: small, medium and large. More details can be found under specifications. 
    We intentionally designed Lineable to look like an ordinary wristband in order to:
      -  To seamlessly integrate with the child’s daily activity 
      -  To conceal from an intruder or assailant
    Lineable is compatible with both iPhone and Android Phones, even with the new iPhone 6!  
  • How Lineable Works?
  • Lineable sends its data to the server, and then to your smartphone. The best part of Lineable is that the coverage can grow internationally; more apps, more coverage your Lineable gets!
    The beacon syncs with your smartphone, and lets you keep track of your children. You can sync as many Lineable as you like to your smartphone.
  • Compatibility
  • Since Lineable coverage expansion depends on the number of apps, we are on process of creating Lineable app compatible to both IOS and Android. We are going to provide more apps as in progress.
  • Tech Specification
  • One of the biggest reasons behind reducing the price to $5 was because we concentrated on keeping the only necessary functions. See the comparison chart with similar tracking devices below.
  • Prototypes