Steel Furniture Designs 2014

  • Two pieces of solid steel furniture designed and created this past summer. Research began with Porcet and Guerrero's "Muebles de Bajo Costo" and flexible, yet supportive outdoor patio furniture. Both pieces are constructed with cold-rolled steel rod and finished with a chemical patina. Processes included measuring, cutting, bending rod with oxygen-acetylene torch, wooden jig-making, welding, and sanding. 
  • Using 3/8" rod for lightweight portability. The stool measures approximately 14x14x24". 
  • Chair is designed with three continuous bent pieces of 1/2" rod welded together with three straight rods and two stretchers. Open space between the back support and seating was an experiment in testing the flexible properties of steel rod. 1/2" rod allows back support to recline several degrees depending on the weight and posture of the user.