50 series: Distortion of Birds

  • This series was for my Spring semester Drawing class that was taught by Victor Lara.
    I chose to draw 50 birds from the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab on different weights of rice paper using a nibbed ink pen. I allowed the ink to do its work and create holes where it pooled. It was an interesting experiment to see how the uncontrollable aspect of the pooled ink interacted with the obsessive details of the bird. 
    With each bird, there is a minor distortion that shows that even the most liberated of creatures can become corrupted. (interpret this as you see fit)
  • This is the display that I created for the final critique. They are all suspended in the middle of the room using fishing wire and masking tape.
    I chose this display method over hanging them on the wall because this allows the holes to become prominent and it reflects the birds flying state.
  • Thank you for viewing.
    Photo credit: Savannah Sturm