Editorial Illustrations

  • These are unpublished editorial illustrations for scientific articles and book covers.
  • "The Quest for the Natural Sugar Substitute"
    New York Times, Jan. 1, 2014
    Article by Daniel Engber
    You can find the original article here
  • "All Summer in A Day"
    Referred to a short story "All Summer in A Day" written by Ray Bradbury
  • The Big Bang!
    Referred to a self-written children's book story of "The Journey to the Beginning of Everything."
  • Sleeping Beauty of 21st Century
    Gouache, Watercolor, Ink
    Referred to a self- rewritten fairytale of Sleeping Beauty taking place in modern times, in the heart of New York.
  • "The Future of Energy: Earth, Wind, Water"
    Discover, Oct. 19, 2012
    Article by Eric A. Powell
    You can find the original article here
  • "Learning to Speak Shrub"
    Nautilus, Oct. 3, 2013
    Article by Elizabeth Preston
    You can find the original article here