Velas : Series Project | Summer 2014

  • "Velas"
         is the first of a series of sculptural candle holders inspired by Japanese puzzle boxes. The design intent with this series is to design and fabricate sculptural yet practical candle holders that would serve as unique objects that light up a room and create a pleasant atmosphere. 
  • Process
    initial sketching
  • Solidworks rendering
  • milling aluminum base
  • fabricating cherry wood components
  • testing simple mechanism for raising candle level
  • turned aluminum candle base and platform
  • turning steel candle vessels
  • turning steel knobs
  • "Velas"
  • candles set at different levels
  • "Velas" allows for the user to raise each individual candle as it burns down. In this manner you can always keep the candles at eye level, or arrange the candles at different levels.
  • Disassembly allows for easy cleaning and for replacing candles.
  • Thank you