Reclining Figure

  • This project was inspired by Henry Moore's Reclining Figures in wood, such as the one below. The aim was to employ the same inviting, smooth forms to create a similar reclining figure. This was my first foray into wooden sculpture, so was also a technical exploration of the medium.
    PLEASE NOTE: This figure is not for sale, but I am about to embark on a similar one. If you would be interested in purchasing the final piece, or commissioning one, please contact me at
  • I started the process with a set of drawings from life, working in a style inspired by Moore's own sketches, composing the figure before me into a pleasing set of forms
  • Clay maquettes were then built to give solid form to the idea. It was from this model that the wooden sculpture was planned.
  • Rough stage of the figure
  • Finished form with heartstone
  • The sculpture is created from 8 pieces of solid American Cherry
  • The smooth finish is achieved by moving through a range of sandpaper grades up to P1200. The wood was then oiled for protection and a richer finish. The overall effect is almost glossy.