Aperiodix - Concrete Wall Tile

  • Aperiodix is a concrete wall tiling system that allows the designer to create a non-repeating pattern across a flat surface. There are of course nodes within the pattern, but the overall appearance does not repeat over the course of the wall or ceiling on which it is installed. Easy to install, despite it's complex appearance (using a series of color diagrams for tile placement) Aperiodix is a new twist on the standard interior wall tile bringing pattern and texture into the home or office.
    Aperiodix has appeared at ICFF'13, ICFF'14, and ICFF'15 as part of the OSO Industries booth. The tiles come in a varity of colors and can be purchased (quoted) from OSO Industries directly or through Country Floor Tiles (NYC-showroom).
    Aperiodix has been featured in a number of articles and write-ups from NYC Design Week and other design blogs/magazines. Some publications include: Architzer, Design-Millk, The Wall Street Journal, Architect Magazine and others. See the latest at: 
    Design by: Situ Studio, Geoff Sosebee, Ben Sandell, Eric Weil 
  • Mock up wall Installation - Photo Credit: John Muggenborg
  • One mock up panal on display at the OSO Industries booth - ICFF'14
  • Photo and write up on Aperiodix from Interior Design Magazine - ICFF'13
  • Concrete color options - Photo Credit: John Muggenborg 
  • Final Installation - Custom Black Color and Finish - Photo Credit: John Muggenborg
  • Aperiodix Featured as on Architizers Products Page - Summer 2014
  • Article from Architect Magazine - July 2014
  • Finished Aperiodix Wall Installation - Residence in California - 2014
  • The New Aperioidix Tile Surface - Released this year at the ICFF 2015. - The pyramid Surface allows is a new tactile experience and brings a new dynamic light and texture to any interior wall surface.
  • The new mock up wall sample from OSO Industries at ICFF 2015 at the Javits Center this year. Avaliable in the colors shown behind. - Orders can now be placed at Country Floors Show Room in NYC.