Color Story of Polar Bear

  • Intention
      For this color story project, students are given a word (mostly animals, plants) and asked to create a story about this word by colors. Also they are required to make three 8.5' × 11' psychological color studies about these colors in the story. 
  • Protagonist: Polar Bear
      My given word is Polar bear. To maximize the content of the story, which is the diversity of the color, I initially found more than 40 images about polar bear not only from the internet, but also from various source. 
  • Some of the research results
  •  Then, I started to pick colors from these images I found in research. This website helped me a lot.
  • Story: Life of Polar Bear
      Inspired by Karel Martens' work "Dutch Clouds" and mosaic tiles in the toilet, I think mosaic is a perfect form to illustrate a story. Mosaic is able to show a bigger image which is made up by different smaller images. In order to make the small tiles, I used these color that I found from the research to paint these 36 gouache mosaic tiles. The color story mosaics are divided in to four parts: Appearance, Environment, Diet, Motion.
  • Story Mosaic Pt.1: Appearance
  • Story Mosaic Pt.2: Environment
  • Story Mosaic Pt.3: Diet
  • Story Mosaic Pt.4: Motion
  •   Each tile is a story. To avoid excessive and unnecessary labor, I decided to scan these gouache paintings and tessellate them with Photoshop. Using these scanned small individual stories, I tried to make a picture of polar bear. Firstly, I wanted to make a full image of polar bear. 
  • Original Picture
  • One of the Initial Sketches
  •   However, the image did not give much impact on viewers. Then, I started to crop the images only to the face, since the position of five black dots on polar bear's face is very identifiable.
  • One of the Profile Sketches
  •    In order to create more depth in the image, I add more vivid color tiles in some parts of the image.
  • Final: Life Story of a Polar Bear, 30' x 30', Scanned Gouache Painting & Tesselate by Photoshop.
  • Final in Real Setting
  •   To help the viewers understand the story, I also made a fan book which has all 36 stories (mosaic tiles) within the bigger picture. 
  • Psychological Color Study: Love, Neutral, Hate
      All the colors in these three color studies are picked from the colors I used in the color story. The patterns are also inspired by the Arctic environment and polar bear itself. 
  • Love Color: Transparency in the Arctic. Hexagonal pattern inspired by snow.
  • Neutral Color: Transparency in the Fur. Circular pattern inspired by section of the fur of the polar bear.
  • Hate Color: Dirt, Moss and Blood. Organic pattern inspired by muscle cells.