The Forest: Inside/Outside

  • Inside/Outside.
    I chose the forest as the subject.  It can seem frightening and dark from the exterior - which is illustrated in the pattern design.  Once explored, it can feel safe in the interior, a concept which is depicted in the other painting. The interior painting was inspired by the music video for Lovely Bloodflow by Baths (video is at the end).
    Inside the Forest/Outside the Forest - both 6ftx4ft - Acrylic on stretched canvas
    The Forest Is Frightening  Pattern Design- Outside view 6ftx4ft
  • The Forest Is Calm - Inside View 6ftx4ft
  • The Forest Is Frightening Pattern (Detail)
  • The Forest is Calm - Forest Spirits (Detail)
  • Lovely Bloodflow - Baths
    This is the music video that inspired the forest interior painting.
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