Foundations Spatial Dynamics

    Selected "Spatial Dynamics" works, spring 2014.  I created a large range of work including drawings, mixed media sculpture, and film.
  • Composite drawing of 12 stills from Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" (2006)
    22x28" graphite on bristol
  • Composite sculpture inspired by 12 stills from "Marie Antoinette"
    Cardboard and bristol
  • Kinetic sculpture, inspired by Arthur Ganson's work
    Wood, wire, screws, fishing line, film
  • Map depicting how to get to a place in Providence of our choosing (Prospect Terrace Park)
    Watercolor and white gel pen on bristol
  • Measurement illustrations and concept ideas for creating a personalized gift for a classmate
    Ink and watercolor on bristol; Digital, Photoshop CS6, acrylic and white gel pen on tabloid paper; gouache on bristol
  • Concept deisgns for a personalized gift for a classmate
    Digital, Photoshop CS6