Genotype, Phenotype

  • This was a piece that existed as a performance.  The object is made from kerf bent 2x4s and steel.  The idea was to create an enclosure for myself.  The piece itself enclosed an individual space that I claimed for myself to elimate any sense of identity projected by my face and clothes.  All surfaces are marked with vertical lines from each pass on the tablesaw.  During the performance I assigned each cut an Amino Acid as and "A", "T", "C", or "G".  (adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine) As I labelled each cut, I illuminated the cut with a light so that the viewer could follow me.  After describing each board I would then read aloud the subjective description of a trait cooresponding to the code on the board, and to a family member.  I wanted to use the pace of the code to make the line of prose feel sudden and specific.
  • As the viewer entered the space a motion sensor would detect movement within a particular radius of the piece.  If they approached the piece too quickly the flood lights would turn on and I would turn my lights off on the inside and stop reading.  After 5 seconds the lights would switch back and I would continue the performance.  I wanted the viewer to be aware of their bodies in the room as though I was reading their genetic code.