• The following works characterize my persistant interest in the relationship between the United States and China, and the human experiences which stem from the interactions of these nations. It is tempting to try to moralize the impact of these interactions, but to do so precludes a meaningful understanding of the causes and solutions to problems that arise therein. In both pieces, I consider a mutual exploitation between the countries that can be seen perhaps more accurately as the international exploitation of one class by another.
    The first piece, "See No Evil" is based upon personal experiences with American tourism in China. In it, I consider the willful blindness to hardship which is employed almost universally in the industry of tourism; with specific reference to the economic boom currently occuring in many of China's largest cities. 
    The second piece reimagines the Greek titan 'Atlas,' who holds apart the Heavens and Earth, as an employee of Foxconn- a Chinese manufacturer of Apple products. The existential task of maintaining the space between Heaven and Earth is replaced with the economic role of enabling the prosperity of a corporate behemoth. Concieved as an iPhone stand, the character exists to bring users to an awareness of their part in enabling the workers' burden. 
  • See No Evil. ~15"x15"12". Raku fired Ceramic, Gold Leaf. 2013.
  • Atlas. 1.75"x1.75"x2.31". Sculpee, Wire, Acrylic. 2014.