Suicide Forest

  • Suicide Forest -
    A piece created for my RISD course Illustrating the Divine Comedy with Robert Brinkerhoff and Mark Sherman. The goal of the assingment was to illustrate a person, place, or thing from Dante's Inferno. I chose to illustrate the suicide forest in the 7th circle of Inferno where those who have taken their own lives are desinted to eternal suffering by being transformed into bleeding trees that are constantly being attacked by harpies. 

    "Then I stretched out my hand and plucked a twig from a tall thorn-bush, and its stem cried out: "Why do you break me?" When it ran dark with blood it cried again: "Why do you tear me? Are you completely without pity?" (Inferno, XIII:31-36)

    Gouache, 11'' x 15''