Fine Art to Fashion Project

  • Blooming Moth Dress still in progress:  The surrealistic imagery and harmonious color sense featured in Larry Rushing's painting inspired me to develop a series of digitally-printed fabrics, which then generated a series of related dress designs. The integration of these 2-D design into three-dimensional garments was our design challenge – to form a beautiful 2-D design into a creative and innovative 3-D form, using the human body as the supporting structure and the 2-D design as ornament. Originating with a surrealistic painting of pink lilies on a blue background, this print is a digital enlargement of the entire painted image on the front of the dress, with the reverse on back.  The form is a simple envelope-shape designed by Hisham Dawoud, with strategic openings that adorns the body in numerous configurations. There was no cutting or waste in the main body of the design, and printing errors were used for the neck ties and a pair of tie belts.