• Drawing, Foundations Studies
    Spring 2014
    This is a series based off the sky as a conceptual paradox. To quote a young poet: "The sky is one vast ever changing painting". Indeed, the sky is constantly shifting from cloudy to clear, from a layered landscape to a thin blanket, from light to dark. However, as one travels they realize that the sky is the only thing that remains constant, throughout time and space.
    What does this say about our universe? That the most constant presence in our lives is something so fleeting and unpredictable? Furthermore there is the idea that the sky doesn't actually exist as a tangible object, theoretically it is merely air and water molecules floating around in a space we call "atmosphere". Yet this intangible being encompasses us all, uniting humans under a blanket of ever changing scenes. 
    This series was an attempt to make sense of the wonders and perplexity of what we call "the Sky".