Night Queens

  • I began this documentary with little to no knowledge on what it meant to be a drag queen. I wanted to challenge myself to create a documentary that would allow me to grow and learn about the subject matter as I was in production.
    As I met the Providence queens that perform at EGO Nightclub, I was granted access into their lives and began filming the process of getting into face, or "painting". Mesmerized by this process and each queen's way of applying makeup, I began to realize that drag is much more an art form than simply a method of entertainment.
    Through the creation of this film, I've come to appreciate and admire the relationships these queens have with one another, their willingness to open up their lives to a complete stranger, and the beauty behind everything that goes into being a drag queen.
    I hope this piece gives viewers an opportunity to delve into such an important part of these people's lives and, especially, appreciate the relationships they form with one another.
  • Thank you to everyone involved. 
    I own no rights to the music.