• The final assignment for my RISD Winersession course "Circuit-Paper-Scissors" required us to combine simple circuitry and paper forms to create an object with some function. I chose to explore different conductive materials in order to construct an object whose electronic function was mostly veiled.
    This piece produces sound through the use of an Arduino board, Processing, conductive thread, and water:
  • 8 individual circuits each suspend a paper container that acts as a switch - conductive threads wait separated within the containers, and when salt water is poured into one, that circuit is connected. Small holes in each container allow the water to slowly spill out of one and into others below.
    Each circuit is connected to an Arduino board, which signals to a laptop whether or not that circuit is connected. The Arduino program on the laptop sends this information to a Processing program, which stores a unique audio file for each circuit. When the water is poured into a container, and Arduino detects that circuit to be connected, the sound for that circuit plays.