Letters for Them

  • Family Album | Spring 2014 | Final Project
    For our final we had about seven weeks to create anything we wanted so long as it related to our interpretation of "family." I had been wanting to do this project for a very long time. Between my senior year in high school and freshman year at RISD I had the chance to go visit China with my mom. There, we were able to visit the orphanage and see my file again. This time, we got a new translation that indicated that I may have been with my mother for a short period of time that we had not known about before. After that, I began to think a lot about what I might want to say to her if I ever had the chance to meet her. I also then found several letters that I had written as a child, trying to make sense of where I came from. 
    That said, Letters for Them is meant to be a place to send and collect letters to birthparents, whether they are known or not. As many adoptees do not know their birth parents for one reason or another, I created Letters for Them as a stand-in "address" to compensate the lack of an actual address.
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  • Thanks for viewing, if you know anyone who might be interested in contributing please feel free to pass this along or get in contact with me, rhilkey@risd.edu