Energetic Florals

  • In this gallery my brushes and oil paints are put into motion unleashing the vibrancy of flowers!  Florals are perfect for enlivening or soothing any mood, environment or space. Purchase or commission your favorite flower for daily inspiration.  Contact merrillanderson@me.com for inquiries.  
  • African Violet Bud, 30" x 40", Oil on Canvas, © MerrillAndersonArt.com
  • African Violet Bud, (close-up)
  • Daffodil and Blue Bell, 30" X 40", Oil on Canvas, © MerrillAndersonArt.com
  • Daffodil and Blue Bell, (close-up)
  • Iris, 16" x 20", Oil on Canvas,  © MerrillAndersonArt.com
  • Iris, (close-up)