• Stop. Motion. is a dialogue between the act of getting dressed and the documentation of this quotidian action. When deciding the combination of clothing to wear each morning, we often times put things on, take things off, try on another article of clothing, or switch the orientation of how something is usually worn. A continuing cycle of these series of actions happens daily, sometimes only briefly and at other times for an extended period.
    This collection seeks to visually represent the evidence of change and time lapse taking place during the daily ritual of getting dressed. Like a photograph utilizing extended exposure and lengthened shutter speed, each look is comprised of layers abstracted by the collision of movements and decisions of the man getting dressed. Parts of each combination is recorded and layered on top of one another so that sleeves multiply, pants adopt the illusion of being two different pairs at once, pockets are exposed in unusual ways, and traditionally tailored jackets morph into more nontraditional shapes.  The constant change involved in indecisiveness culminates into a more visually appealing, and oftentimes functional, whole.