bed installations

  • Untitled (2014)

    An exploration of "private" and "public" spaces through selfies we take and the work that we make.
    What we regard as private longs to be seen. We take pictures of ourselves for ourselves, but ultimately for the other.
    On the other hand, the work we create for public consumption is actually the most private. 

    The viewer cannot see my laptop screen (which plays a loop of selfies I have taken over the course of the past year) directly, but it is observable through the mirror behind me. Meanwhile, I am an intervention, preventing you from seeing my video faithfully. 
  • watching you, watching me (2014)
    mattress (as a painting) hanging on a wall, me projected into the bed, you floating over me as we lock eyes in the dark
    a private space is always conscious of the possibility of becoming a public space