The She Said Project (2014)

  • The She Said Project catalogues utterances and recalled phrases spoken by women. In a written prompt, I ask participants to complete the phrase “She said….” with anything that comes to mind originating from a female speaker (mother, sister, lover, politician, celebrity—any woman). In a recent exhibition at Brown University’s Granoff Center, I compiled the responses into graphic layouts, printed as three 5 x 6 foot panels. In the installation, a “properly” dressed table stands in front of the text panels hung on the wall. On the table is the written prompt, a card catalogue of blank She Said stationary, and several black pens.  People sit down at the table to anonymously record their own She Said phrases on a piece of stationary, then place their cards into a glass bowl in the center of the table.
    The project is ongoing and will take many forms. Both an unregimented archive and a subjective catalogue, it represents not just the recalled voices, but the specific words that by definition leave a mark on the memory, close to the surface. This piece directly involves the maker, the recalled women, and the viewer as he/she records new utterances that will later be compiled and added as panels in future exhibitions.