Mattapan Mobile Farm Stand: BR+A+CE 2012

  • Client: Mattapan Food & Fitness Committee, Brookwood Community Farm
    Design Team: John DiSalvo, Mykel Terada
    Supervising Architect: Hansy Better
    Fabricator: Trimount Ironworks
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  • The Mattapan Mobile Farm Stand began with a simple premise: if people can’t get to fresh food where they live, why not bring fresh food to them? In Mattapan, one of Boston’s southernmost neighborhoods, access to fresh produce can be a challenge. In collaboration with local health advocacy group Mattapan Food & Fitness Coalition (MFFC) and Brookwood Community Farm, BR+A+CE worked to design a pedal-powered farm stand to supplement the weekly Mattapan farmer’s market and help reach underserved parts of the neighborhood.
  • The mobile farm stand is capable of safely transporting and displaying eight bins of produce. Aided by gas springs, its origami-like bin covers and top bin carriers hinge open in opposite directions, creating a canopied display area. An abstraction of the letters MFFC is laser cut from the canopy as a custom perforation, casting dynamic shadows when open and reducing the weight of the leaves when in motion.
  • The Mattapan Mobile Farm Stand was a recipient of a grant from the Awesome Foundation, and a generous donation from the office of the Mayor of Boston enabled MFFC to hire two members of its Vigorous Youth group to operate the farm stand for its inaugural season.