• Wattle has been used as a type ofconstruction dating back almost 6000 years in parts of Asia, Europe, and SouthAmerica. This type of construction is still widely used and is popular inlow-income sustainable building solutions. Wattle construction is uses a seriesof vertical beams with horizontal thinner strips are woven like a latticethroughout. These thinner strips are usually damp or still green enabling themto be easily woven. Wattle is usually used in collaboration with daub, amixture of soil, clay, sand, animal dung, and straw. Daub is used like plasterto create a solid surface hiding the wooden frame underneath. I chose to nothide the wooden structure and to celebrate the pattern that is formed byweaving these wooden elements together.
    Wattle is very similar to types ofbasket weaving but constructed using thinker pieces and in flat panels. Thewoven pieces need to be sufficiently wet in order to weave through theframework without splitting. Typically the vertical pieces are set 7 to 16inches apart, my chairs slats were only spaced 1.5 inches apart. The tightspacing of the chair frame proved to be a bit of a problem when weaving thethin pieces of wood even after soaking these pieces for a week. This can beeasily remedied by have the slats spread further apart. As a means of naturalbuilding, wattle, is an easy and effective solution for construction. 

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