In Progress BFA Degree Project

  • These ‘garments’ are framed as conversational clothing or clothing that invites interaction. I am specifically thinking about the wearer and the power of the wearer in shaping what their clothing means – in the case of this project, I am the wearer and therefore decision-maker. I am interested in how clothing can be used as a tool. Thinking about clothing as a means of inviting interaction, I am thinking about how to subvert the idea of “clothing as an invitation” that is often thrown out as a means of blaming women and girls for undesired actions that are done to them by others. I would like to reclaim the ability of clothing to invite interaction and to use clothing with intention, to ‘invite’ specific interaction that is shaped on my terms – from the conceptualization of the works, to the physical making, to the wearing. This act of intentional creation and utilization of wearable works is an act of powerful self worship.
  • In-Progress Installation Sketch: