• Today, people have a lot of interest in having healthy diet in a busy life. More people tend to go to organic markets looking for fresh groceries, and find restaurants serving food with local products. With this trend, a number of restaurants provide customers the information of nutrients and calories through food containers or menu board.
    However, it is not easy for people to manage their eating habit by themselves because all of their food consumption comes from diverse places, such as at restaurants or at home. It is a challenge for them to collect their real data of nutrient intake and real eating habit from different experiences in an everyday life.
  • Why don't we build a system that integrates your diverse nutrient intakes from different places you buy food in your daily life, such as grocery stores, restaurants, or cafes, to build an integrated nutrient portrait.
  • NUTRECEIPT is a receipt+ mobile app system, integrating and analyzing your
    food consumption and nutritional balance of eating habit from diverse eating experiences
    It brings your nutrient data of what you have purchased from any place together, and provides a superior eating guide to lead people to awareness of their food consuming behavior, nutrition balance, and needs in developing healthy eating habits with efforts to change the way they consume food and nutrition.