Frankenstein: Creature's Fingerprints

  • Fingerprints - markers of human identity.
    Supposedly, no two fingerprints are the same......everyone is unique, in their own way.
    Created by compositing body parts from various corpses, the Creature Frankenstein presumably does not have his very own set of fingerprints. 
    The following are his fingerprints based on key events that helped shape the Creature's character.
  • Victor Frankenstein (profile), skull, and irrational/crooked mind (interior)
  • Fire ("Modern Prometheus"/ fire's use for warmth vs. damage)
  • Vision (the blind old man vs. the rest of the world who judges the creature by his grotesque facade)
  • Reflection (the creature saves a little girl from nearly drowning only to be scorned for his looks yet again)
  • Creature (profile), mad Victor Frankenstein, and naive/straightforward brain (interior)
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