Piattino : Die Cut Packaging Project | Spring 2014

  • Material: 4ply Bristoll paper
  • The purpose of this project was to design a product using a flexible material that could be mass produced by a die cut process. After the design fase was completed, students had to select a target company that they believed could potentially sell their product, and also create appropriate packaging keeping the target company's aesthetic in mind.
  • Piattino, italian for side dish or plate, is a coffee sleeve with a dettachable side tray attachment. It provides the protection from heat that a common coffee sleeve allows, but has the additional side tray where consumers have the option of carrying additional pastries, fruits, sugar, tea bags or any other item you may order at a coffee shop such as: 
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Flat die cut template of product
    (Solidworks sketch)
  • Process
  • Beggining form study
  • Selection of multiple iterations of the form
  • Approaching final product design
  • Flat configuration
  • Final Product
  • STARBUCKS packaging for product
    This design not only functions as packaging for the product, but also opens up to be a dispenser that can be easily mounted to a wall for easy access to Piattino.
  • 1:3 model of dispenser
  • Packaging into dispenser
  • Flat die cut template of packaging/dispenser
  • Thank you!