Machine Knitting 2

  • This course approaches the development of machine knit fabrics and forms as one process, where aspects of form are developed along-side fabric patterns and structures. Continuing from the introductory course, Knitting Machine Techniques, students learn advanced construction techniques and knit structure drafting and shaping, in order to further develop their design processes and ideas for knits. Emphasis is placed on experimentation, careful consideration of materials, and research, as ideas about color, pattern, texture, drape, and concept, and working large scale are explored. Fully-fashioned garments are the primary three-dimensional forms to which students apply their ideas, in the form of two major projects. Through the semester, students bring their experience of garment building and shaping, their range of knitting skills and techniques, and their ability to express ideas in knitting to a higher level of resolution. 
  • Final Project
    Religious rituals are very similar to personal habits; Both start from a personal belief. If religious ritual is for the spiritual well-being, habit is a life ritual for mental and physical well-being, which makes habit  like a personal religion that every individual believes in.
    using Asian shamansm as the source of inspiration,
    I wanted to create a religious costume for my "habitual ritual", obsessive handwashig
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