WINTERSESSION 2013/14: Introduction to Furniture Design

  • I.
    Screen Project
    Creating 3-dimensional structures, free-standing screens or wall partitions with modular, planar components. Project done in 1/4 scale and using varying plies of chipboard.
  • Assembly
    (no glue needed)
  • Screen (Nsibidi inspired)
    Chipboard, spray paint, glitter
    (1/4 scale)
  • II.
    Chaise Lounge Project
    Using linear elements of wood and wire, and working at 1/2 scale, design and build an armature for a chaise lounge capable of supporting one person in a reclining position.
  • Vine Chaise Lounge (Armature)
    Bent reed rods, wire, wood dowels
    (1/2 scale)
  • III.
    "Coat Rack" Project [Final]
    Build a full-scale piece, constructed with solid wood, focusing on the sharpening and proper use of hand tools, hand cut joinery, glue-ups and finishing techniques to create a free-standing furniture structure. The assignment is to design and construct a coat and hat rack. This is open for interpretation from a structure that will hold a winter coat, hat, gloves, shoes and helmet.
  • Teepee Dress-Up Station
    Wood, plexiglass, mirror