De Manos / Giving Earth a New Perspective

  • I am a human... an artist wandering our amazing planet and expanding world... Day by day, journey after journey, I observe and live the undeniable chaos overcoming our world. So I stand where thousands have stood before, opposite to them, touching the beautiful Earth! Standing with a new perspective, I reflect on how, this..., can be different and better...
    In 2006, I had myself photographed doing a handstand atop a grassy hill with an amazing view of Seattle, Washington in the distance. That image led me to combine three things I love: traveling, photography, and handstands. In time, De Manos (Spanish for "handstand") was created. Since then, what began as a creative stunt, eventually morphed into an ongoing artistic and social project. De Manos incorporates a visual study and playground with the environment, its space and dimension, form, symmetry, composition and representation. At its core is my belief of something far greater than the established global system, which is fastly propagating the world to it's breaking point. My inverted position (handstand) is an invitation to see the system in a different way, “Giving Earth a New Perspective”. Through this new perspective, together we can grow our global collective consciousness, and move our aching planet to a higher and better place. The selected locations are the most important, iconic or symbolic buildings, structures, monuments and landscapes within each culture or nation. So far, 46 countries, as well as 29 states within the U.S., have been featured in an ongoing series of over 300 photos. Plans to cover more of the globe are under way.
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