• Project: Design a Mural (15'-3" x 6'-3") for upcoming Chinese restaurant Haochi, in Juhu, Mumbai, India.
    Materials: Marble, backlight, concrete wall backing.
    Medium: rhino, AutoCAD, illustrator.
    Restaurant Description:
    In Mandarin ‘haochi’ means ‘good taste’ or more simply, ‘delicious’.
    Known for its decadent menu and sophisticated ambience, Haochi offers contemporary Chinese cuisine, an elaborate dim sum menu and a full service bar. The menu has a blend of different regional cuisines of China such as Xiang (Hunan), Chuan (Sichuan) and Guangdong (Cantonese).
    After speaking with the interior designers and associates on site, they explained the aim to be a laser cut Chinese/ oriental themed frame for backlight. The idea conceived itself to be encapsulating typical motifs from the Chinese culture, finalizing on the oriental lotus design. 
  • My Process:
    Inspiration from the actual form existing in nature and various images online.
    Identifying specific patterns and recreating them via sketches, in a composition to fit the extents of the space given. 
  • Via computer programs; Rhino and AutoCAD, adjusting, skewing and transforming them to a more rhythmic form.
  • Editing and cutting up forms for laser cutting via Illustrator.
  • The final Product:
    Marble laser cut to give way to the light from behind. 
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