Degree Project, 2014

    “The only path to finding out what life is about is a patient, slow attempt to make sense of the realities of the past and the possibilities of the future as they can be understood in the present.”
                                       -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
         Dreams, day dreams, seemingly insignificant details; these fleeting moments intangible, coded, undefined thoughts you can never be sure of are so important yet leave no trace or evidence of ever existing. I’m interested in how ephemeral fleeting moments act in relation to the creative process of sandcasting that I have been involved with throughout the year. The dream, or an idealized image of a form, gets lost when the casting becomes a finished piece of jewelry. The burnt sand after a fresh pour, carved cavities of the molds, extra metal that gets removed; all of these things are instrumental in shaping the final outcome, yet are thrown away as if they bear no importance.
         I think of my work as symbols and representations of things you can never be quite sure of, coded and undefined. Poetry, speaking for the things I cannot say and acting as a tangible representation of the things I cannot understand. Just like life, these pieces are at a constant state of change. Within the series, each piece grows in complexity with each new casting experience.
  • Cactus Necklace 1
    Bronze, brass
  • Cactus Necklace 2
    Brass, Bronze, rose quartz
  • Cactus Necklace 3
    Silver, bronze, black sapphire
  • Cactus Necklace 4
    Silver, bronze, raw pink sapphire.
  • Cactus Chain
    Bronze, black sapphires
  • detail
  • Worry Beads
    Bronze, brass, silk
  • Detail