Savage Girls (Stop motion video of painting)

  • "Savage Girls" is a watercolor stop-motion speed painting by Allison Maletz. 
    Music Credit:
    The Beatles, "Her Majesty (Long Version)"
    Recorded during the 'Get Back/Let It Be' sessions January 1969
    I give 100% credit to The Beatles for the music in this video, and in no way do I intend to claim it as my own.  Their fine music inspires me and I simply respect and wish to honor them and their genius.
    (I did need to shorten the song a bit for this video). For the original please see:
    Many thanks to timbeech for the post of this song.
    This painting was completed in November 2013, for Chris Bray of Billykirk.  You can see more of Allison's artwork at