Packaging: Devil's Kiss

  • Packaging design for the BioShock Infinite Devil's Kiss vigor bottle replica.
    At the time of the creation and announcement of the Devil's Kiss bottle, I was unable to support packaging design, which really bummed me out. In my last few weeks at Irrational, I proposed that I create the box to specs, then Irrational make the PDF downloadable for fans to print their own. The idea was approved and the box finished. You can still purchase the bottle replica in store, and here is a link to the box.
  • Below: several detail photos.
  • I also posted a lot of my design steps for this box live on Twitter. Here are some of those select images:
  • Above: Using Adobe Illustrator to create label shapes. The shapes are brought into Photoshop as smart objects (easy to resize) and texture layers added on top of them.
  • Above: adding texture and typography to the label, also adding the black filigree ribbon tentatively. Plus a sneak peek into the layers and how I organize them.
  • Above: looking at the full box template, adding the labels to both sides and starting to think out the sides (dropped the legal in to see where I might want it).
  • Above: dropping in a lot of burnt blackened texture, to create the smouldering effect from bottom to top. Also dropped in this engraving illustration (original art by Robb Waters, I then added some hatching effects to it). Also started playing with these singed edges for the labels.
  • Above: showing the layers and what corresponds to them. Also showing how I dropped in the FINK logo on the bottom of the box in a distressed texture.
  • Above: I went outside and burned a lot of apper and cardboard for textures!
  • Above: showing more of the layers and what they correspond to.
  • The finished box!
    What's changed since the flat files? I dropped some of the pinstripe textures back, so as not to be too busy. I also tones down some of that blackened textures because they were really loud too.