• Cities are becoming more populated, living space condensed. the necessity to create beneficial communal living in a society is greater than ever before. The concept fulfilling this design is  - Give and take
    The communal micro apartments, stationed in providence ri, offer a form of communal living beneficial to the inhabitanta and community by bringing together the three prominent schools:
    Brown University (academia)
    Rhode island school of design (Art)
    Johnson and Wales (culinary)
    The building provides 12 micro apartments fully outfitted with their own kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. communal function:
    - In order to keep rent low, inhabitants must contribute to the community by taking on a job within the building.
    - The first floor of the building houses a cafe/ restaurant and gallery. Crops can be grown and harvested from the roofgarden and interior green wall to be used in the kitchen. Art created by students can be displayed in the front gallery open to the public.
    - Water used by the inhabitants is cleaned and recycled through the building to water the crops.